Leading Logistics Planning is a company specialising in warehousing logistics and production logistics and handling. Backed by 35 years experience in industry, it operates a consulting and agency division and intermediate handling and warehouse equipment supply division in South Africa. Experience has enabled us to source the best products for application in the various organisations that we serve. Speciality industry products supplied by LLP include:

  • Warehouse equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Airport equipment

LLP has offices in Durban and Johannesburg. Distributors are also in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Services offered by Leading Logistics Planning (LLP) include:

  • Warehouse & Logistics Design
  • Warehouse Procurement
  • Warehouse, Hospital & Airport Equipment Supplier

Warehousing products & equipment available from Leading Logistics Planning (LLP):


  • Integrated handling efficiency
  • Production logistic and supply chain design
  • Application of LEAN systems
  • Warehouse and logistic design
  • Production logistics, warehouse, hospital and airport handling equipment supply

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