E-242HD Electric Vehicle

The E-242HD electric vehicle offers superior performance and durability. Low maintenance is guaranteed by a powerfull 6HP fan-cooled motor and dependable automotive differential with larger self-adjusting drum brakes. It’s built to last with a 14-G diamond-plate body, tubular steel frame. Add demountable bumpers and rear wheel guards for added protection.

ENDURANCE. Powerful 6 hp motor.
RUGGEDNESS. Automotive ring gear differential, axle shafts on roller bearings.
DEPENDABILITY. Larger self-adjusting drum brakes.
COMFORT. Bucket seat on slide adjusters.
STURDINESS. 14-G diamond-plate steel body, tubular frame.
DURABILITY. Optional bolt-on bumpers and rear wheel guards.
BATTERY EFFICIENCY. 24V accessory option to equalize cells, extend battery life.
ROUND-THE-CLOCK OPERATION. Optional lift-out battery box.

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