The E-262 stock chaser is the king of productivity. Its 60″ long deck carries 25% more goods to save return trips and give more time for packing and shipping. Dual front wheels ensure the stability required to exploit the whole deck area. Larger drum brakes facilitate the treadle operation to avoid operator fatigue.
Upgraded E-266 comes with a 10 hp motor for trailer towing, and a 36V battery providing 50% more running time.

PRODUCTIVITY. 60″ long deck, 25% more cargo space for fewer return trips.
SAFETY. Dual front wheels to ensure stability and exploit the whole deck area.
ERGONOMICS. Light-touch control treadle to avoid operator fatigue.
ENDURANCE. Powerful 6 hp motor.
DEPENDABILITY. Larger self-adjusting drum brakes, shorter stopping distance.
DURABILITY. 14-G diamond-plate steel body.
ROUND-THE-CLOCK OPERATION. Optional roll-out battery box.

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