Leading Logistics Planning are a supplier of Motrec warehousing equipment in South Africa including:

  • Electric Personnel Vehicles
  • Electric Tow Tractors
  • Load Carriers
  • Order Pickers

Made in Quebec, Canada, the units are made to the most modern engineering and electronic standards. Ideal for forklift substitution where long traverses are involved and for logistical work in manufacturing plants such as motor and related industries and hospitals, airports and warehouses. Electric personnel vehicles tow tractors and load carriers and are specifically designed to suit these environments.

T 8000

T-8000 Description: T-8000 is engineered for maneuverability. Its compact dimensions makes it ideal for tight industrial settings. AC drive enhances productivity with a constant laden speed, and lengthens the running time with electric regenerative braking. T-8000 is...


T-448 Description: The T-448 tow tractor runs on an extra-large industrial battery to lengthen running time. Stability and comfort are ensured by a shock dampened suspension. Low maintenance cost is guaranteed by rugged automotive differential and brakes, with large...


E-290Description:The E-290 combines the stability of a 4-wheel tow tractor with the maneuverability of a 3-wheeler thanks to its exclusive steering design. Low maintenance cost is guaranteed by a fan-cooled motor, rugged automotive differential...


E-280BDescription:The E-280B personnel carrier is ideal for moving parts over long distances, freeing expensive forklifts for other jobs, thanks to its trailer towing capability. Low maintenance cost is guaranteed by a rugged automotive drive...


E-262Description:The E-262 stock chaser is the king of productivity. Its 60″ long deck carries 25% more goods to save return trips and give more time for packing and shipping. Dual front wheels ensure the stability required to exploit the whole...


E-250-36Description:The E-250 personnel carrier combines the stability of 4-wheel vehicles with the maneuverability of 3-wheelers thanks to its exclusive steering design…. Powerful 10 hp motor excels at trailer towing, hauling 4000 lbs with the 6...

E-242HD Electric Vehicle

E-242HD Electric VehicleDescription:The E-242HD electric vehicle offers superior performance and durability. Low maintenance is guaranteed by a powerfull 6HP fan-cooled motor and dependable automotive differential with larger self-adjusting drum...

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