Power-Assisted Solutions for Material Handling Applications Built-in strength to easily move loads up to 4,000 lbs.! Reduces risk of injury and enhances workplace safety

  • Improves employee morale
  • Enables nearly everyone to move heavy loads safely and easily
  • Increases efficiency and productivity

Introducing the second generation of PowerPal power-assist vehicle from Dane Technologies, Inc. The PowerPal Cart Mover is a rugged yet easy-to-operate, power-assist vehicle significantly increases productivity while reducing the risk of injury to employees. This powerful combination of high productivity and increased safety allows this extremely powerful and compact unit to conquer all of your material handling needs.

Easy to Use

  • Ergonomic thumb wheel control
  • Highly maneuverable with forward or reverse operation
  • Programmable speeds including acceleration and deceleration from 0 to 3.2 mph
  • Long-life batteries allow continuous operation for up to 12 hours on a single charge
  • Multiple hitch attachments (Catalog available for download on our website.)


    • Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking insures safe operation under all conditions
    • Parking brake engages when the PowerPal stops
    • Emergency stop button
    • Ergonomic throttle design to minimize operator strain
    • Automatic shut-off switch for up and down tiller positions
    • Warning horn alerts those nearby
    • Battery level indicator monitors battery charge


    • 36 Volt system; three (3) 12 volt deep cycle batteries
    • PowerPal CM – 1.28 H.P. continuous load motor (Unit is able to push/pull up to 4,000 lbs.)
    • Proven rugged solid-state electronics are “plug and play”
    • On Board 15 Amp @ 36 VDC (45 Amp @ 12 Volt equivalent)
    • Series-balanced Smart Charger with automatic shut-off
    • Maintenance charge mode and battery life maximizer

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