Easy to Use

  • Unique remote control allows for easy operation
  • Ergonomic thumbwheel controller
  • Highly maneuverable with forward or reverse operation
  • Programmable speeds from 0 to 5.31 km/h
  • Long-life batteries allow continuous operation for up to 12 hours on a single charge
  • Multiple hitch attachments


  • Remote control allows an operator to safely steer a line of carts from the front, while sending commands to the QuicKART in the back.
  • Safety beacon strobe light maximizes visibility
  • Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking insures safe operation on slopes
  • Parking brake engages when QuicKART stops
  • Emergency stop button
  • Ergonomic throttle design to minimize operator strain
  • Dual-actuation warning horn alerts those nearby
  • Battery level indicator monitors battery charge


  • 36 Volts; three, 12 volt marine-grade deep cycle batteries
  • 36 Volts D.C., 1.25 H.P. continuous duty rating (M3) & 1.5 H.P. continuous duty rating (M3 HD) 4 Pole drive motor with burst mode and programmable current control
  • Proven rugged solid-state electronics are “plug and play”
  • On Board 15 Amp @36VDC (45 Amp @12 Volt equivalent) series-balanced Smart Charger with automatic shut off, maintenance charge mode and battery life maximizer

Power-assisted productivity for Retail Market Leaders

  • Increases productivity, reduces payroll and cart inventory
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Improves employee morale, reduces turnover and now anyone can return carts

The all new QuicKART M3 series is the 3rd generation of power cart return systems from Dane Technologies, the original and proven world leader. The QuicKART M3 increases cart return productivity by over 50% while reducing the risk of injury to employees and guests. This powerful combination of high productivity and increased safety allows stores to recover their investment in five months or less.


  • UL Certified to UL standard 583 and CE
  • On-board Smart Charger is UL Recognized to UL standard 1564
  • The QuicKART remote control is FCC and CE approved

The safest, easiest to use, power cart return system.

The QuicKART M3 and M3 HD are powerful, highly maneuverable, bi-directional, power cart return machines that can increase your productivity by 50% or more, while reducing the risk of injury and employee turnover.

Easy-to-Use Controls With Remote Operation Capability Patented

  • Automatic
  • Dynamic Braking Fast Acting
  • Series-balanced
  • Smart Charger Safety
  • Beacon
  • Strobe Light Rugged
  • Solid-state
  • Electronics
  • QuicKART M3 HD Brochure

Dane Technologies is an industry leader in power-assisted logistics equipment for the retail workplace. From moving heavy wheeled carts to shopping cart retrieval, our solutions offer affordable, safe ways to increase productivity and decrease employee injury. For more information on our complete line of power-assisted devices, call us at +45-4586-9600 (Europe) or 1-888-544-7779 (U.S.) or visit our website.

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