Wheel Chair Mover

The WheelChair Mover uses a simple hand lever design that activates secure hitching to the frame of the wheelchair. The ergonomic design of the machine makes it easy for the operator who controls the speed with easy and controlled throttle acceleration. With the unit securing the frame at a low center of gravity, turning the wheelchair in a circle is smooth and effortless. Compact and quiet, the Dane WheelChair Mover is the ideal device to fit within hospital rooms and halls while meeting the objectives of safe patient handling and moving programs.


  • FDA 510(K) Cleared Class II Medical Device-K073701
  • Programmable speed for patient transport comfort
  • Positive wheelchair locking mechanism
  • Compact design for maneuverability
  • Easy to use controls with system status indicators
  • Floor friendly non-marring solid rubber tires
  • Automatic brake prevents rollback
  • Charger interlock prevents drive away
  • Eight foot charge cord with convenient storage area
  • GSA Schedule 6511F, Contract V797P-31838M

Safety Features

  • Positive wheelchair locking mechanism
  • Automatic security brake prevents rollaway
  • Controlled starting and stopping
  • Ergonomically designed handles and wig-wag throttle
  • Hi/Lo speed switch
  • Warning beeper
  • Auto safe start prevents accidental movement
  • Auto overload protection

Patient experiences smoother and safer transport
Transport team endures less strain and fatigue
Prevents staff injury risk from heavy loads, ramps, and carpet.
Higher employee morale; higher productivity
Quiet operation and compact design
User friendly controls
Maintenance free operation

    Customer Testimonials Gundersen Lutheran Hospital and Altoona Regional Health System.

    Can your staff move a 750 pound patient and wheelchair across a carpet or up ramps smoothly, safely and effortlessly?

    Introducing the Dane WheelChair Mover– the industry’s first power-assist device making patient wheelchair transport safe, smooth and easy.

    Designed by hospital safety experts for use by hospital personnel, the Dane Wheel Chair Mover fits most standard wheelchair sizes and models in your facility, easily transporting patients safely and securely around hallways, in elevators, and up and down ramps while reducing potential injury or physical strain to personnel. (As we all know, injuries often are a result of cumulative strain and fatigue.)

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